Is it time to fire yourself......

Do you get distracted and find yourself doing things that are below your pay grade, if so you need to pass these on to someone who can do them quicker and free up your time to focus on sales and increasing your bottom line.


7 Ways CEO’s let their business down

  1. Not knowing your numbers – Do you know your KPI’s – the gross margin on the key area of your business? What about the margin per project or employee? Can you quickly get your hands an accurate reports that tell you how much your customers owe and you owe to suppliers and son on.
  2. Too much Multi-tasking – Being pulled and dragged into too many area’s and getting nothing completed. Better to focus on one important task and get it done 100% and move on the next one.
  3. Getting distracted on small tasks that are below your pay grade. Document your time and see how long you spend in a week on tasks that are not projecting the business forward in a positive manner. If you are doing your own accounts and bookkeeping then outsource – www.solve.ie 😊!
  4. Waiting for the right time – We are all guilty of it. Also known as procrastination. Focus yourself to focus!
  5. Trying to please others – Sometimes, you need to be selfish and please yourself first. Your business comes first and trivial, non-business-related matters should be secondary.
  6. Perfection is the enemy of getting things done – Good is sometimes “good enough”. Just get it done and move on.
  7. Take some downtime to reset and time out to refresh your mind and body. Be healthy and nurture your mind and body.

Is your accounts, bookkeeping or payroll causing you unnecessary headaches?

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