We are delighted to announce our new Midlands office in Tullamore. 

We already have a number of clients based in the midlands and we are looking to add more organisations who are looking to have a great accounts function with no more headaches over bookkeeping issues and the lack of visibility on how your organisation is performing. 


Who can we help

Businesses who have turnover of €1M plus.
Those companies who are aspiring to hit the €1M mark.
Business owners who want to improve profitability.
Those looking for professional support and advice.

Prompt Invoicing

How we operate

Over the last 14 years, we have developed great proven systems and processes that allows businesses and organisations to successfully move from the traditional in-house model to our outsourced model.

Offering Incentives

What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits ranging from staff issues to significant cost savings.
Some of these headaches that outsourcing to Solve Outsource can remove include staff illness, organising and paying for staff training, holiday cover, HR and performance issues, recruitment and replacement costs and time it takes never mind the distraction from running the business.

Please Note:   Typical cost savings are 35% against the cost of an in-house resource.

How Much Is My Business Worth

Why Solve Outsource?

You are partnering with an established, experienced team who are focused on our outsourcing model. We don't get distracted by annual compliance deadlines. We automate where possible and produce powerful management accounts that are guaranteed to improve your businesses profitability.

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Don’t forget

Solve Outsource can make a real positive difference to your organisation?

We have friendly and expert staff who can help companies understand and meet these new reporting requirements.


John Carolan ACMA, CEO of Solve Outsource

Contact Email: john@solve.ie