Grant available in Q1 2024

Increased Cost of Business (ICOB) grant

A welcome cash injection of up to €5,000 being provided to over 140,000 businesses in recognition of the costs faced by businesses across the country.

Key elements to be aware of:

Earnings-Based Valuation (Income Approach)

The scheme is readily accessible with no formal application process or paperwork and will benefit businesses in early 2024 when many businesses will need it the most.

Offering Incentives

How much will I get?

The grant is intended to be paid at a rate of half the enterprise’s commercial rates bill in 2023, for firms paying up to €10,000 in rates. For those paying between €10,000 and €30,000 in rates, they will receive a grant of €5,000. No grant will be available for firms paying more than €30,000.

Food and Beverage Cost Percentage

Who will qualify?

A fund of €257 million has been created for the ICOB grant. This fund will reach 143,000 businesses which is 95% of all rateable businesses in all corners of Ireland.

Rule of Thumb Valuation

The purpose of the grant

Many businesses in Ireland have seen an increase in their costs through a number of factors. This payment is not intended to compensate for all of the increased costs but the money will provide a welcome cash injection for many businesses.

To Calculate:    Get your rates bill for 2023 and divide the amount by 2. Your grant will be up to a max of €5K.


Brenda Smith ACCA, Operations Director at Solve Outsource

Contact Email: john@solve.ie