CAT loans from close relatives – New Tax Filing Requirement from 2024

Close Relative Loans – How will this effect me? With effect from 1 January 2024 a new mandatory Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) reporting obligation is imposed on the recipients of certain loans from close relatives. This applies irrespective of whether any tax is due or not and is applicable to both new loans made from […]

Benefits of Outsourced Management Accounts for Non Profits

Management Accounts for Non Profits What Are outsourced Management Accounts? Having independently prepared Management Accounts can demonstrate an independence and segregation of duties. Outsourced management accounts are financial reports that provide detailed valuable insights into an organisation’s financial performance. Unlike annual financial statements, they are prepared more frequently—often monthly or quarterly—allowing for timely decision-making. How […]

Revenue Compliance Check or Audit

Revenue Compliance Checks

Revenue Complaince Checks or Audits – Steps to take Revenue Intervention Summary Lately, more businesses are getting random compliance check letters from Revenue. But what is a Revenue audit or compliance check, and how can you get ready for it? Why Me? There are three main reasons why you may have been chosen. 1. Random […]

Pitfalls of outsourcing your accounts

Outsourcing your accounts, the pitfalls and how to avoid them. In this post we examine the risks of outsourcing and potential solutions.

The pitfalls of outsourcing your accounts and what are the solutions? If you are considering outsourcing your accounts, forewarned is forearmed. Above all, avoid rushing into it without careful examination of the pitfalls and how these will impact you and your business. When looking at your outsource options you are always comparing what you currently […]