Our Story


Founded by John Carolan and later joined by Brenda Smith. Solve Outsource has grown to a team of qualified accountants, bookkeepers and payroll specialists. This great team are solely focused on delivering accurate accounting information, on time, to hundreds of clients on a monthly basis.


Solve Outsource was started in 2010 as a specialist accounting outsource service to small and medium sized companies. Besides the cost savings, these companies wanted to get expert accounting and payroll services from a great team in their corner.

Founded by John Carolan and later joined by Brenda Smith. Solve Outsource has grown to 13 qualified staff who are solely focused on delivering accurate accounting information on time. What’s more, we now work with hundreds of clients on a monthly basis.

Our experienced staff are equipped with the skills and expertise needed to support growing businesses with their outsourcing requirements.

Solve is a specialist accounting service provider for successful business owners and their companies. In effect, we are the accounts team!

The Full Solve Outsource Story

How do we help you?

Solve helps business managers and owners free up time to focus on core value added activities in a cost-efficient manner. Often, the hidden costs of employing a staff member  may not be too obvious. In addition to their Gross Pay, there is Employers PRSI, and contributions as well as office space can add as much as 22 % extra on top of the employee’s wages. What’s more, employing staff in Ireland is becoming more complex and costly. Compulsory sick pay will reach 10 days by 2026 with increases in Employers PRSI on the way as well.

This is why Solve Outsource set up in business. Many companies pay a full-time person to carry out these roles.  What’s more, they may not be needed for the full week and this time is filled doing non value tasks.

Your Solution

Finding an efficient and effective solution can be difficult. Therefore, many companies want to have a professional team dealing with your business needs. In addition to cost savings, business owners will have more time to focus their resources on their core business. In fact, having capable and experienced people to advise, support  you is key.  Our team is there to help ensure your business is successful, profitable and operating to maximum efficiency.

The service we provide helps our clients scale their requirements as their business grows and develops. Having our certified bookkeepers always on hand to assist when you need us, and our flexibility means that as you grow there is no change in the level of service provided and no deadline missed.



Here at Solve Outsource, we can offer an individual and flexible service tailored to your business with the assurance that Solve will be your “one stop shop” for all your accounting requirements.

We divide our Services in 3 areas – Accounting (monthly / bi-monthly / quarterly), Bookkeeping and Payroll.

At Solve Outsource, we are adding some great added value for our outsource customers. We have added free access to our Smart Business Support Hub.


Our Directors

John Carolan is a Chartered Management Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Business Studies Degree and Diploma in Taxation. John is a member of the Irish Tax Institute and an active member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and MIP committee. Also, John has previously represented his Institute at the CRO accountant’s forum.



With over 20 years of experience working in a number of diverse, indigenous and multinational organisations at senior management level and built up a wealth of knowledge in a number of different industries. These include Grafton Group PLC, GLS, Campbell Bewley Group, Heaton’s, and An Post. Many of these roles were involved in company restructure and change management. This experience has given John the ability to critically analysis a company’s systems and controls. Consequently this has enabled  development and implementation of improvements that lead to increased productivity and more importantly, better financial and business information for senior management and business owners. Above all, John believes that regular communication with all clients is hugely important. Providing clients with a clear financial picture of where their business is at and how it is performing is hugely valuable to them and their business.

Brenda Smith is a graduate from UCD is a member of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants. Having joined Solve in 2011 , Brenda has been instrumental in the development of the company. She is responsible for the implementation of the operational strategy for Solve and its delivery to new and existing clients.


Brenda has 14 years leadership and operational experience in industry. Starting in the Hospitality and Leisure sector, Brenda has established a reputation for strong commercial knowledge and client focus. Her unique ability to quickly gains the confidence of clients with her excellent communication and technical ability. She has been involved in several process re- engineering projects that have provided her with the experience and skills necessary to analyse a company’s current structure. Simultaneously, bringing measurable improvements to their accounts function.

Overseeing the operations of the Solve office in Blanchardstown and leading the team of bookkeeping and qualified accounting staff.  Brenda works closely with our clients to ensure Solve’s best practice and excellent service is delivered in a timely and professional manner.