Retirement Relief

Retirement Relief

How do I sell my business while minimising my tax liability? Point to note – Although this is referred to as Retirement Relief by Revenue, you do not need to retire from the business. For those aged 55 or older, you might be able to claim Retirement Relief. This is a relief on Capital Gains Tax […]

Tax Tip – Pension changes and the impact for business owners

Tax Tip ! This is a positive change for employees and business owners? These changes came into effect on 1st January 2023. 1. Employees They will now be given the same tax treatment as scheme members of occupational pension, in relation to any employer contributions to their pension scheme. Previously on the employers contribution paid […]

Tax Tip – Medical check-ups

tax tip

Tax Tip ! Can a company provide a Medical check-up tax free to employees? There are not many opportunities for employers to provide benefits to their employees (including Directors) tax free but this is one of them. 1. personal health A company may pay for one medical check-up each year for each employee. The guidance […]

New Revenue reporting on expenses coming

Heads up! More Headaches for business owners coming in 2024 So what are these new reporting requirements and how will they impact you and your employees? Revenue are joining up all the dots and want you to help them with enhanced reporting on payments being made to employees and/or directors. These are being labeled “Enhanced Reporting Requirements” and […]