Retirement relief upper age limit extended to 70

As a Business Owner, Is Time Escaping You? If a person incurs a capital gain on retirement (typically from selling their shares in their business) they may avail of relief up to €750,000 and pay no Capital Gains Tax. Planning on retiring or selling your business? If a person incurs a capital gain on retirement […]

Angel investors are entitled to reduced CGT

New angel investor relief Under the Finance Act 2023, angel investors can now benefit from lower Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rates when they invest in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here’s a simplified overview of the key points and eligibility requirements: Angel Investors: These are private individuals or groups who provide capital for startups, particularly […]

May 1st Deadline coming soon

Two deadlines coming up on the 1st May 2024. 1. Increased Cost of Business grant? <— Click Here to visit our step by step guide to assist you with this simple process. 2. Revenue Debt Warehousding Scheme <— Click Here to visit our update on this scheme where you can spread your warehoused debt with […]

As a Business Owner, Is Time Escaping You?

As a Business Owner, Is Time Escaping You? In the swiftly evolving landscape of business, where profitability and being on top of your numbers stand as pivotal benchmarks for success. Many business owners find themselves ensnared in the quicksand of time management, unable to make the desired progress they should be making. However, the solution […]

Increased Cost of Business (ICOB) Grant Scheme

How to Get your grant up to €5,000? To qualify for this grant, your business must be located in a place that can be taxed by your local government. You also need to be up to date with your local tax payments. Here’s how the grant works: If your business’s local tax bill for 2023 […]

Share Option Changes in 2024 – Important Information for Employers

Share Option Changes in 2024: Key Information for Employers From 1 January 2024, Revenue require employers to withhold Irish payroll taxes from gains arising on the exercise of share options. This will be a significant change, as up to now, the responsibility was on employees (and directors) to pay the “Relevant Tax on Share Options” […]


Hot topic for business owners in 2024 A report was done by the Small Business Administration (SBA) where they examined what were the hottest topics for entrepreneurs in 2024. Main Topics: Customer Experience is Key In today’s highly competitive market, keeping customers happy is more critical than ever. Businesses, including those in niche markets like […]

Subsistence Allowances – Could you be claiming it?

Claiming Subsistence Allowances in 2024 The subsistence allowances for 2024 have changed and if you are spending time outside of your normal place of work there may be the opportunity to claim these tax free expenses. These are often overlooked but could amount to a sizeable tax free amount over the course of the year. […]

Revenue Warehouse Update

Latest update on the Warehoused Debt Scheme Revenue Chairman Niall Cody has said (25 January 2024) – Revenue’s approach to the payment of warehoused debt from 1 May 2024 will be flexible and tailored to each business based on its capacity to pay. Revenue will work with businesses so that they can continue to meet […]

Exporting to the UK?

Do you export to the UK? UK import controls Key implementation date – 31 January 2023 UK import declarations must be submitted in advance and communicated via the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS). Freight carriers transporting goods via UK ports that operate with the GVMS are required to sign up for this service. This registration […]