Subsistence Allowances – Could you be claiming it?

Claiming Subsistence Allowances in 2024 The subsistence allowances for 2024 have changed and if you are spending time outside of your normal place of work there may be the opportunity to claim these tax free expenses. These are often overlooked but could amount to a sizeable tax free amount over the course of the year. […]

Revenue Warehouse Update

Latest update on the Warehoused Debt Scheme Revenue Chairman Niall Cody has said (25 January 2024) – Revenue’s approach to the payment of warehoused debt from 1 May 2024 will be flexible and tailored to each business based on its capacity to pay. Revenue will work with businesses so that they can continue to meet […]

Exporting to the UK?

Do you export to the UK? UK import controls Key implementation date – 31 January 2023 UK import declarations must be submitted in advance and communicated via the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS). Freight carriers transporting goods via UK ports that operate with the GVMS are required to sign up for this service. This registration […]

Sick Pay – 5 Days in 2024

Payroll Alert! Another increase in costs for employers in 2024 Starting from January 1, 2024, statutory sick leave will extend to 5 days for the 2024 which is an increase from 3 days in 2023. This is another cost on top of the new Enhanced Reporting requirement for employers that also starts on the 1st […]

New Midlands Office Open in Tullamore

We are delighted to announce our new Midlands office in Tullamore. We already have a number of clients based in the midlands and we are looking to add more organisations who are looking to have a great accounts function with no more headaches over bookkeeping issues and the lack of visibility on how your organisation […]

SME Grant – 95% of enterprises should qualify for the scheme

Grant available in Q1 2024 Increased Cost of Business (ICOB) grant A welcome cash injection of up to €5,000 being provided to over 140,000 businesses in recognition of the costs faced by businesses across the country. Key elements to be aware of: Paperwork? The scheme is readily accessible with no formal application process or paperwork […]

Payroll Alert – Enhanced Reporting – what you need to do from 1 January 2024

Payroll Alert! Enhanced Reporting from Jan 2024 Starting from January 1, 2024, companies have to tell the Irish tax office (Revenue) about certain tax-free payments they give to employees. This new rule comes from the Finance Act of 2022.  Here’s a simple breakdown of payments that  Need to Be Reported: Small Benefits This includes things […]

How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Organisation

Outsourcing your accounts, the pitfalls and how to avoid them. In this post we examine the risks of outsourcing and potential solutions.

Could Outsourcing work for my business? Learn how outsourcing can benefit your company and help it to save money, improve efficiencies and grow profitability. In a 2023  Outsourcing study by Deloitte titled “2023 Global Shared Services and Outsourcing Survey”, they examined the main reasons that organisations identified as their objective for outsourcing. Here are some […]

Vacant Homes Tax – 1st November 2023

Vacant Home Tax Vacant Homes Tax (VHT) is a new tax introduced in 2023. It is an annual tax that will apply on 1 November each year. First chargeable period for VHT is 1 November 2022 to 31 October 2023. The Vacant Homes Tax will be charged at a rate equal to three times the […]

Your businesses budget plan for 2024

What should I Include in My 2024 Budget Preparing a financial budget for your business in 2024 can offer several benefits, including helping you plan for the future, make informed decisions, and maintain financial stability.  Here are some of the key benefits of creating a budget, as well as what to include in it: Sales […]